A very big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors!!

Pickwick Sponsor

  At Pickwick Papers, we supply a huge range of items, spanning many areas of the interiors market. Most of our products are to order, but in our showroom we stock haberdashery and a basic range of decorating supplies including brushes, lining paper, specialist wallpaper paste, white spirit, briwax, solvastick stain guard and lubricant, and waterproof sealant for paper/plaster/wood/stone/brick/fabric.

SBS Printing sponsor

  SBS printers of Greenwich in London are a leading supplier of full colour digital and lithographic printing services like business cards and stationery, wedding invitations, posters and flyers.

Number 16

  A period house in central Greenwich, located at the end of a passage behind the old church of St Alfege, we have three guest rooms: two doubles and one single.  All have private facilities. We have a small garden area with a topiary horse to the front of the house. Our door for everyday use is to the side of the property along Roan Street. Please feel free to sit in our drawing room on the ground floor to relax. Reservations Tel: +44(0)20 8853 4337

The Flood Gallery Sponsor

  The Flood Gallery is a boutique gallery store that opened in the world famous Greenwich Market, London in July 2011. The concept of concert-poster-as-art emerged in the late 60s but dwindled away when music went mass market and stadium rock took hold. Over the past 10-15 years there has been a resurgence of the form with a whole new breed of talented artists expressing their love of music through beautiful and hand crafted gig posters. The posters are special, collectable yet affordable and are a gateway drug for music fans wishing to bring more art into their lives and on their walls at home.

Nemorin Creative

  Nemorin Creative is a branded video content production company. We create bespoke branded video content for agencies, brands, media owners, publishers and SMEs in the UK and globally.

Picturehouse Greenwich

  Picturehouse Cinemas are located in city centres and are architecturally unique venues that provide café bars, restaurants and live events alongside the traditional movie-going experience.

Greenwich theatre Logo

Tiger Loans

Chattertons Estate Agents